Brand strategy

The brand reflects everything we are and everything we do

Our brand strategy describes how our company’s vision, mission and strategy are clearly reflected in every aspect of the company. It is our company’s identity which is visible in our operations to customers and partners, both in Finland and overseas, and to our investors and all of society. In addition to an image, the brand communicates how we think and act: how we work, and how we care about one another and the environment. All of our employees are responsible for ensuring that our operations reflect our values, both internally and externally. We, the employer, share this responsibility.

Everything mentioned above creates a whole that describes what Fingrid is – from the core to the surface: what the company feels like, sounds like, looks like and the impression it leaves in people’s minds. When services, ways of working, marketing communications and all other parts form a unified and distinctive Fingrid brand footprint, we can strengthen our company’s image, boost communications and be confident that we are on the right path towards achieving our vision.

Brand persona

Reliable and responsible

Fingrid is a reliable and responsible energy-sector professional that conveys the ability to co-operate and the willingness to provide unbiased service, both for its customers and the whole of society.

Open and easily approachable

The company is open and easily approachable. A highly esteemed influencer who knows what it does and why.

Dynamic and effective

Fingrid carries a huge responsibility for the functionality of society. It is also courageous, takes a stand and is eager to be inspired. Whatever the situation, Fingrid will handle it.

Tone of voice

Expert with a human touch

Fingrid always communicates in a friendly manner, person to person, but with expertise. Its narrative is clear and understandable. Even more technical matters are expressed in a down-to-earth way. Communication is open, honest and inspires trust. Although our tone is one of expertise, it is sympathetic and never arrogant. And because Fingrid has a human touch, despite its expertise, it can challenge, be playful and become enthusiastic if need be.

Although our tone is one of expertise, it is sympathetic and never arrogant.

Brand promise

Fingrid delivers. Responsibly.

Fingrid’s promise represents many important things. To our customers, we promise to deliver, i.e. to transmit electricity in the transmission grid securely and affordably. The quality of the company’s services is high as the volume of operational disturbances and interruptions is low in Finland. Fingrid’s operations are efficient and the grid transmission price is among Europe’s lowest.

This also speaks of the company’s focus on responsibility in everything it does. The company ensures responsible operations by integrating responsibility into the company’s strategy work, management and day-to-day operations.

Caring is also palpable in how we take care of our people. Caring and well-being are not just part of our personnel strategy, but Fingrid employees care about one another in our work community. Our interactions within our work community are straightforward and laced with humour.

Core messages

We care in every way: responsibility for people and the environment

We understand that our operations impact the lives of all Finns. We are proud of this but we are also aware of the responsibility it involves. In everything we do and where our operations extend to, safety is top priority. We also care for the environment and ensure that our operations have as few negative impacts as possible on nature and the landscape.

Lights on across the nation: secure transmission system

Fingrid offers electricity transmission in a high-voltage transmission grid. This means a looped trunk network, to which power plants, factories and distribution networks are connected. Which, in turn means that, even in disturbance situations, electricity transmission is under control. As a result, Finland has excellent electricity transmission security.

Maintaining the lines: we develop and maintain the electricity grid

Thanks to a comprehensive investment programme, we can strengthen the grid to meet the needs of consumers and industry alike. In practice, this means thousands of new kilometres of power lines and dozens of new substations. Annual investments come to as much as EUR 100–200 million.

Market enabler: we secure the conditions for electricity market operations

One of our key tasks is to ensure sufficient cross-border connections between countries. Simultaneously, we receive comprehensive data on the markets, which is open to everyone. This way we can also work to ensure the smooth functioning of the markets.

Efficiency to benefit everyone: cost-efficient operator

Our goal is good cost-efficiency and continuous improvement of productivity. Thanks to these factors, we can maintain a moderate price level for services. We can safely say that we have succeeded in this, as our transmission grid rates are among the lowest in Europe.

Economic efficiency as part of corporate culture: systematic financial management

Our company has the highest possible credit rating in Finland. In addition, we are one of the top corporate income tax payers in Finland. The dividends we pay go to the Finnish state and pension companies. As investors, we are among the ten largest Finnish companies and among the top 20 as tax payers.

No shortage of energy: Finland’s best workplaces

Each Fingrid employee is their own boss. This means that our employees can impact their own work. This is also supported by an open, collaborative, renewing and target-oriented working culture.