Welcome to
Fingrid's brand

Welcome to Fingrid's brand guidelines

Fingrid’s brand guidelines provide a foundation for clear and consistent communication of the company’s identity. The brand guidelines are for those involved in promoting and buildingFingrid’s brand image, both in digital and physical environments.

Whether you need just a logo, or you are designing digital applications for Fingrid – brand guidelines will provide you with digital assets, instructions, tips and examples.

What's included:

Brand fundamentals

Want to know more about Fingrid as a company and brand? This section includes all the essential cornerstones to Fingrid’s brand mindset.

Visual identity

If you you are designing digital or physical applications for Fingid, this section provides you with guidelines for key elements for our visual identity, along with instructions and assets to our visual content.

Web design

This section is a style guide for producing Fingrid’s digital applications. Dedicated in the first instance for designers, web developers and UI/UX designers.


Examples on how to apply the brand essence in various applications, mostly in physical applications.

Logo download shortcuts

Fingrid logos for Microsoft Office

ZIP package includes JPEG and PNG pixel files in RGB colours


0.1 Mb

Fingrid logos for professional design softwares

ZIP package includes EPS, PDF and SVG vector files. All in CMYK, PMS, RGB, grayscale and black colour modes (positive/negative)


7.3 Mb

Fingrid logos for web

ZIP package includes PNG pixel and SVG vector files. All in RGB colours


0.1 Mb

Fingrid logos for CAD softwares

ZIP package includes DGN and CEL vector files


0.1 Mb

Fingrid logos all

ZIP package includes all logo files


7.4 Mb