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Terms of use

Please read the following terms of use thoroughly. Only browse Fingrid Oyj’s web pages if you accept the following terms. The copyright for content on these web pages belongs to Fingrid Oyj. All rights are reserved.


The Fingrid Oyj logo may not be copied or edited. Use of other material is permitted if the content of the material is not changed and the source is mentioned. Fingrid Oyj presents its services and operations on these web pages, but Fingrid Oyj is not bound to provide or deliver products or services in accordance with the information provided here. The content of the web pages can change, be renewed or deleted, and access to the web pages can be blocked without advance notification.


Fingrid Oyj strives to provide correct and up-to-date information on these web pages, but Fingrid Oyj does not guarantee that the information is comprehensive or error-free. Our web pages may contain technical or typing errors, out-of-date information and computer viruses. Due to the operating method of the internet and possible harmful activities outside the scope of our monitoring, Fingrid Oyj cannot guarantee that the material is always error-free. We recommend that you always check the information directly from, for example, the contact person indicated on the web page before you act on the basis of that information.


Fingrid Oyj’s web pages contain a selection of market information, the purpose of which is to provide general information for people interested in the electricity market. The market information is not intended for commercial use. Fingrid does not guarantee that the market information is error-free or always available. Always check the correctness of market information before using it as the basis for decision-making.


Fingrid Oyj is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of these web pages.


Furthermore, Fingrid Oyj is not responsible for the content of web pages which are linked from these pages.

When sending material to one of Fingrid Oyj’s servers, for example, by e-mail or via Internet pages, the user accepts and confirms that the user has the right to send the material to Fingrid Oyj for its unlimited use without separate compensation to the user or any third party, the material is not illegal, contrary to good practices or otherwise unfit for publication, and that, prior to sending the material, the user has taken reasonable measures to find and remove any viruses or other harmful or destructive properties in the material.

Fingrid Oyj is not responsible for the content of material sent by users of its web pages. At its discretion, Fingrid Oyj can delete material sent by a user from its web pages at any time.


Fingrid Oyj’s services and these web pages are subject to Finnish law.

These terms of use take effect on 1 August 2012 and are valid until further notice. Fingrid Oyj has the unilateral right to change or replace these terms of use. The date mentioned in conjunction with the terms of use is the date when the terms were last changed.

Last updated on 1 August 2012.