MS Word

MS Word templates

The organisation uses many different Word templates. Common to all of them are the use of the document template header and footer as shown here.


Consider accessibility

The link is indicated as clearly and unambiguously as possible, using either an underline or other strong indication such as an icon in front of the link. Exceptions to this are navigations as well as situations in the user interface where the occurrence of a link is very obvious.

MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint templates

For Fingrid’s PowerPoint template, many different page templates are available, by which different types of content parts can be presented and the pace of the presentations set.

When producing presentations, it is good to keep the content per page as concise and clear as possible. When content consisting of different kinds of visual starting points is imported from other presentations, it is good to ensure that the final result is not excessively varied.

Do not alter the settings of the individual page templates of the PPT template.