PDF (InDesign)

Accessible PDF documents

Fingrid’s PDF publications must be covered by the European Union’s standard about accessibility that serve users with disabilities like the blind and visually impaired persons and persons who have difficulties with cognitivity such as dyslexia.

Exporting accessible PDF from InDesign

When creating PDF files from Adobe InDesign, this is accomplished with following techniques:

  • by creating paragraph and character styles that are based on HTML hierarchy
  • defining reading order, language and other metadata.
  • images must include alternative text if they are an informative part of content. Elements that serve only the visual view are ignored for assistive technologies.

Here you can download an InDesign file, which allows you to import ready-made paragraph and character styles with predefined accessibility issues into your layout file. It also provides other practical guidelines for creating an accessible PDF from InDesign.

InDesign file for accessible PDF

ZIP package includes InDesign (.indd), InDesign Markup (.idml) and PDF files


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